Takeaway Menu

Available Thursday to Saturday

Takeaway Service

Thursday to Saturday, 16:00 to 21:30


While we are in lockdown we will be continuing with our TAKEAWAY MENU service Thursday to Saturday, from 4pm to 9:30pm. You can download a PDF copy of the menu or read it below.

We can take your order at the restaurant or you can call us to place your order for collection on 0121 448 1755.

Please arrive promptly at the arranged time to pay for your order as we will freshly prepare your order and we do not use heat lamps.

Please note: We will be limiting the numbers in our restaurant to comply with social distancing requirements.



Cold tapas

1. Marinated olives in olive oil, rosemary, garlic and lemon: £3 (vegan GF)
2. Cubed feta cheese with marinated olives:  £4 (veg. GF M)
3. Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, marinated olives and a hint of oregano:  £5 (veg. GF M)
4. Peppadew sweet piquante peppers stuffed with feta cheese & sundried tomatoes:  £6 (veg. GF M)
5. Vegan peppadews stuffed with vegan cheese and sundried tomatoes:  £6 (vegan GF M)
6. Seafood cocktail, squid, mussels & prawns in a marie rose sauce, on lettuce leaves served with baguette slices:  £7 (C F M MC W)
7. Homemade black olive and caper tapenade served with pitta bread:  £4 (veg. SY W)
8. Homemade tzatziki and roasted red pepper hummus served with warmed pita bread:  £5 (veg. M S SY W)

Hot filo pastry parcels served with salad and aioli:  £6 each

9. Borek - spinach, coriander & vegan cheese filo served with salsa (vegan W)
10. Spanakopita - spinach and feta cheese filo pastry parcel with aioli (veg. M W)
11. Lamb filo - lamb mince, spinach and mozzarella filo served with tzatziki (B M W)
12. Creamy chicken, leek and mushroom filo pastry parcel served with aioli (C M W)

Hot tapas

13. Home cut chips:  £3 (vegan GF)
14. Garlic bread - homemade flatbread filled with a generous amount of garlic:  £4 (veg. M W)
15. Cheesy garlic bread:  £5 (veg. M W)
16. Mixed roasted Meditteranean vegetables in garlic, herbs & chilli: £5 (vegan GF C)
17. Meditteranean vegetables topped with crumbled feta: £5.50 (veg GF C M)
18. Patatas bravas - herb cubed potatoes topped with our homemade spicy tomato sauce: £4 (vegan GF)
19. Patatas bravas topped with spicy aioli:  £4 (veg. GF M)
20. Patatas bravas topped with mozzarella & cheddar cheese: £4.50 (veg. GF M)
21. Falafel served with homemade spicy smoked paprika tomato sauce:  £6 (vegan W)
22. Falafel served with tzatziki: £6 (veg. M W)
23. Garlic mushroom linguine pasta in a white wine, cheese and cream sauce:  £6 (veg. M SP W)
24. Fish croquettes with potato, salmon, mozzarella & tarragon served with aioli: £6 (C E F M MC SP W)
25. Bacon and mixed cheese croquettes served with aioli:  £6 (E M SP W)
26. Pork and chorizo balls served with aioli:  £6 (GF C E M)
27. Albondigas - beef Spanish meatballs served in a spicy tomato sauce:  £6 (E M W)
28. Chicken and chorizo paella with peppers, onions and saffron rice: £8 (GF C SP)


Gyros £12. Our homemade flatbread is made with wheat flour, Greek yogurt, coriander, cumin and garlic. Filled with home cut chips, salad and a filling of your choice -

29. Falafel (veg. M W)                                 30. Haloumi (veg. M W)       31. Albondigas (E M W)
32. Pork and chorizo balls (E M W)         33. Marinated spicy chicken (C M W)

34. Vegan Moussaka £12 - Mediterranean vegetables in a rich tomato and red wine sauce with aubergine and potato slices topped with a béchamel sauce and a hint of cheese, served with Greek salad and home cut chips. Vegan butter, milk and cheese is used for vegan moussaka (GF C SP)

35. Vegetarian Moussaka £12 - Mediterranean vegetables in a rich tomato and red wine sauce with aubergine and potato slices topped with a béchamel sauce and a hint of cheese, served with Greek salad and home cut chips. (GF C M SP)

36. Meat Moussaka £12 - lamb and beef mince in a rich red wine tomato sauce with aubergine and potato slices topped with creamy béchamel sauce, a hint of cheese served with Greek salad and home cut chips (B M W SP SY)

37. Souvlaki £12 - chicken marinated in garlic, rosemary, paprika and oregano cooked on a skewer served with Mediterranean vegetables and either lemon rice or home cut chips plus tzatziki (GF C M)

38. Stifado £12 - Slow cooked Greek beef stew with shallots and green beans in a rich red and herb sauce served with crispy herb potatoes (GF SP)

39. Chicken bacon and leek pasta £10 - gluten free pasta served in a herb, tomato, creamy white wine and mushroom sauce (GF C M SP)



Allergens Advice

B - Barley   C- Celery   E - Egg   M - Milk   F - Fish   MC - Mollusc / Crustaceans   SP - Sulphates   SY - Soy

GF - Gluten Free   S - Sesame   W - Wheat   veg. - vegetarian

  • Our pitta bread and baguette is made with wheat and is not suitable for soya allergy sufferers - wheat free bread is available on request.
  • Our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, cereals containing glutens and other allergens are present. Please note that our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients but if you have a food alergy a full description of the ingredients used can be provided.